Isothermal covered bodies in fiberglass

Thanks to an efficient technical office, we are able to satisfy all enquiries, proposing flexible and customized solutions.

We can realize equipments with a very high isothermal coefficient, easy to repair, waterproof, light and durable, able to satisfy the needs of isothermal transports by means of 3 different ranges:

  • heavy,
  • medium,
  • light.

Our van are suitable for mounting on all types of vehicles, chassis and different materials to be transported (milk, meat, etc.).

We take care of all different aspects, in order to offer a practical, robust, modern and “good-looking” equipment.

Delivery time: 5/6 weeks.

Furgonature isotermiche in vetroresina - Eurotrade
Furgonature isotermiche in vetroresina - Eurotrade

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