Wallboard fork TPW2000

Wallboard fork TPW 2000.
Delivery time: 2/3 weeks.

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The wallboard fork TPW 2000 is the one and only tool for handling panels with hydraulic cranes. Throngh is reliable mechanism. This attachment can pick up the wallboards from a truck, smoothly put them on one side the allow operators to safety unbad them into under construction buildings.

Rotator's technology with internal braking system (patented) prevents free play in rotatin during the lifting and positionning operations (2 degrees tolerances).

. Hydraulic rotation
. Safety valve
. Custom top links

. Store supports 

Dim. TPW2000


 Dimensions (mm) A B C D
650-(457)-(558) 1220 1830-(1600)-(2135) 2330













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