Fiber personnel basket FAV 1 - Version FULLMATIC 2.0-24V - CE

Fiber personnel basket FAV 1 - VERSION FULLMATIC
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Fiberglass personnel basket - VERSION FULLMATIC 2.0 24 V - EN 280 - CE

Model FAV 1
Fullmatic 2.0 24 V
Dimensions (mm) 770x890x1150
Weight (kg) Peso 97
Maximum capacity (daN)   
Person capacity 1
Insulation (kv)

According to EN 280


FULLMATIC 2.0 inclination control system represents an innovation solution to obtain the European CE EN 2802 certification to utilize gravity-balanced personnel baskets.
The FULLMATIC control unit detects the angle of inclination with respect to the horizontal axis, and blocks the crane in case of exceeding the safety angle.

The system is composed by a dampening cylinderm equipped with an eletronic valve, and by an electronic card, which works in 24 V.
In an emergency situation, the system allows to automatically level the basket by gravity, allowing to recover the operator in complete safety. FULLMATIC 2.0 is risponding to Cat.3 PL d EN 13849-1 charateristics as stated in EN 280 safety rules.


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