Poly-grab PFO 6/400

Polyp-grab for metal scrap, urban waste.
Delivery time: 2/3 weeks.

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Very compact Polyp-grab for scrap, rubbish and different materials, best solution for truck cranes.
Standard execution with half closing tines, available (on request)  pointed tines (no price difference) or fully closing tines (extra price, not suggested on 4 tines-grabs). The polyp-grab has gripping devices with independent tines, each one set in motion by a double-acting hydraulic cylinder. This allows the equipment to have a good grip on loose materials and non-symmetrical objects.
Recommended for cranes with distributor spools with closed center.

Model PFO 6/4000
Capacity (lt.) Capacità 400
Weight (kg) Peso 590
Max load DaN 3000
Pression (bar) Pressione Max 220
Theeth 6
Crane attachment (optional) on demand
Rotator (optional) Rotatori 11  Ton.


 Dimensions (mm) A B C D E ø F x G
1250 1860 870 1050 2010 35x80

closing tines half closing tines (standard) point tines

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