Radiocontrol Scanreco RC400 4 functions suitable for retrofit

Radiocontrol Scanreco RC400 4 functions suitable for retrofit.
Delivery time: 3/4 weeks.

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Radiocontrol Scanreco is a remote control system suitable for the progressive control of truck mounted crane booms.

Scanreco RC 400 provides the operator with a safe, handy, quick and precise remote control system..

RC 400 , suitable for loading and unloading cranes,  complete with:

. receiver G2B
. push button minipult
. cable 10 mt long
. 2 batteries
. battery charger
. Voltage 12 V or 24 V (on choice)
. Kit for retrofit composed of:

  1) multifunction hydraulic block MOD09 (suitable for cranes with control on the opposite side of the valve bank), 4 functions; lever distance 40/46/50 (on choice, suitable for lever with 13+13 mm stoke,

Dim. Scanreco RC400

4 functions 40 182 200
46 200 218
50 212 230

Dim. Scanreco RC400

2) pressure reducing valve

Dim. Scanreco RC400

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